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Providing classes, workshops and one-on-one lessons for puppies and older dogs alike for owners across Shropshire, Cheshire and North and Mid-Wales.

A trained dog is a content, balanced, happy dog that can be taken safely out into the community. Our aim is to provide you with the tools to train your dog and to also develop the natural bond which is possible for all owners and their dogs.

At BTPDS we take a holistic approach to your dog and we will discuss many factors that are important to your dog’s training regime, including breed type, nutrition, environmental factors, health and the dog psyche.

Start your training early and see the benefits straight away

Weekly puppy classes held in Weston Rhyn, Oswestry, Shropshire and Llandrinio, Powys. 6 week Puppy School© courses that include tuition from a qualified Puppy School tutor, small dedicated classes, reward based methods,weekly handouts, all family members welcome, tips and help on all your puppy issues. (Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.)

Puppies welcome as soon as cleared by your vet. All pups need to be 20 weeks or under on week 1 of  the course.


Visitors since  22/10/2011

20,000 plus

Trevor Hall Farm Puppy Club and Doggy Social - 2nd Sundays

Weston Rhyn - Thursdays and Fridays


If you live in Oswestry you have a venue in town, or ten minutes  drive to the Weston Rhyn Institute and twenty to Trevor Hall Farm.

If you live in Wrexham it’s twenty minutes  drive to the Weston Rhyn Institute and fifteen to Trevor Hall Farm.