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Your Head Trainer

Karen Boyce - Director

Every since I was a young child I have been training dogs. It has always been a passion and back in 1995 after getting a German Shepherd I started to get heavily involved in dog training, psychology, nutrition and breeding.

This new found desire to know more brought me into contact with Wendy Volhard, from the USA, and her UK representative Gail Ward, who owns Cranbourne Dog School. Inspired by these two experienced people I started to train at Cranbourne and then proceeded to teach, first as an Assistant and then as an Instructor. My time there also included two visits to the Volhard’s Holistic Training Camps in the US.

I then further expanded my knowledge by completing the Centre of Applied Ethology’s Pet  Behaviour Course in 2000. Since then I have completed and attended numerous courses and seminars, workshops and conferences. All with the aim of providing the optimum service to my clients. I am currently a member of the Kennel Clubs Advanced Instructor Scheme seeking Accreditation.

Its now 15 years since I started learning and its just goes on and on.  I am very pleased to realised my dream and to own one of the few professional dog training businesses in the UK.

Head Instructor

John Needham

Our Head Instructor has a passion for dogs. Having owned a range of breeds John come to train at Puppy School with his daughter at BTPDS in 2008 with Charlie the Bichon x Poodle. John completed the beginners course with his beloved lab Jake and then agreed to assist in classes. With all the experience gained plus attendance at seminars and conferences John is an invaluable member of the team. Charlie is now also an outstanding stooge dog for our behavioural sessions and a great asset in our puppy parties. John is now the proud owner of Devon the Belgian Shepherd.

Instructors and Assistants

Jan Greasley (Head Instructor), Glynnis Hopkins, Gaynor Benson, Chris Breeze, Mikey Powell and Kate Roberts

Our Instructors and Assistants are invaluable in ensuring the smooth running of our classes. Some of  these dedicated souls have been with me for many years and are trusted and valuable members of the team.  

Essential Support Staff

Thanks to all who give their time, especially Ethan and Frances.