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A one-to-one lesson at a location of your choice. Recalls, pulling on lead, separation anxiety and territorial behaviour can all be covered. Also new puppy sessions or help in selecting the right breed for you and your family. £25 an hour

In addition we offer:

One on One Lessons

Learn how to look after your dog in an emergency. Given by the Club’s experienced Veterinary Nurse we  provide a morning or afternoon of learning for you in a friendly environment.  Handouts also included.  Cost £19

Canine First Aid Workshops

Sometimes dogs and owners need more than a standard training lesson to solve their issues. Separation anxiety, person aggression, house training, phobias and more can be covered by a home visit. £40 plus travel and fuel.

Behavioural Consultations

Helping you to help your dog!

“Karen, thank you for this morning, went away feeling very positive.” (Louise and Harvey, the Newfi.)

Puppy School

Puppy School is the UK’s premier puppy socialisation and training organisation. Its tutors are qualified to run small dedicated puppy classes incorporating a reward based training approach with extensive manual. The course will cover sit, down, stand, stay, loose-lead walking, recalls, handling, play-biting, and resource guarding.

Weston Rhyn Institute, Oswestry - Thursdays at 6.15pm and Fridays at 6.15pm.

Six week course - Weston Rhyn £65

Companion Dog Level 1

Our CD1 courses start owners off  on  creating a real team relationship with their dogs. Max 7 dogs in class. Covering all the essential exercises, such as sit, down, stand, stay, recall and loose-lead walking, we show you how to train your dogs quicker and more consistently. Course kicks off with our Infamous lecture night! Includes

Courses: Nine week course - £75

Companion Dog Level 2 and 3

Once owners and dogs have completed a Beginners course they can continue training with us and introduce more control, and more fun. As well as perfecting all the essential exercises we introduce jumping, retrieving and distraction training.


Throughout the year we run a wonderful selection of  workshops to help with control of your dog, or to simply have some fun. Recall, loose lead walking, clicker, dancing with your dog, Rally obedience. Puppy workshops and general training workshops also available for owners unable to commit to set number of weeks.

Various  - £20.00 to £25.00. (Usually maximum of 6 dogs.)

Courses: 9 week course - £60.00 and  5 week drop in £45 (for established clients)

Weekends are spent helping owners with more problematic dogs. Pulling, nervousness of people, dog aggression, fears and phobias. We offer ½ hour slots involving advice, controlled training exercises and  homework. £16 for 30 mins.

Special  Dog Sessions

Residential Training

Send you dog to stay with me for training on a large range of  issues . Recalls, pulling on lead, general obedience, dog aggression, etc.. Fat club also available. POA.

Food and Equipment

High quality food and equipment also available as we recognise the importance of both in the training of your dog.

Puppy Club

Trevor Hall Farm, Llangollen - Sundays as advertised - £3.50

Controlled socialisation session for puppies to enhance your dog’s ability to communicate with other dogs. Unique session to have pups playing, experimenting and training in a secure outdoor type environment. For dogs 6 months and under.